Herbert Simon Steel Sculpture
Herbert Simon
Welcome to the HERBERT SIMON web site. This site gives an overview of Simon's career and concentrates on the works done from the early '70s to the present.

During the first half of this time frame Simon's sculpture is abstract and is characterized by a working with geometric modules, often in the form of "series". These works are fabricated in aluminum and steel.

The year 1987 marks a transition in Simon's sculpture. The works of these past 13 years are representational in character and are based on objects and landscapes. Like the earlier examples they are also fabricated in various metals and combinations of metals.

Since 1993 Simon has largely concentrated on bronzes. These works, smaller in scale than the preceding pieces, are first constructed or cast in wax. They are then rough cast at a foundry, but all chasing, welding and patination is done by the artist. The flexibility and plasticity of wax has given the artist an expanded range of form possibilities.
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